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How can bespoke training with us help?


Does your team sometimes struggle to find the right words in meetings or pitches? Do they find it hard to communicate clearly and efficiently or do nerves get in the way? We can help highlight current communication habits and pin point which areas need improvement to have a greater impact and engage better with an audience. 

Jude Bolton MA Voice, LSDE, BA Hons, founder of Speaking Works has developed and honed her skills as a teacher and trainer over many years. She worked in communication heavy roles where proficient speakers would freeze and stumble in meetings or pitches. In todays world the one skill that is essential is to be able to speak well and engage with others. What use is information if you can’t teach, share or persuade others?

We can make your team better communicators, what could be more valuable than that?


“I thoroughly enjoyed the communications skills workshop with Jude. She was very professional, organised and is clearly committed to her work. I really liked the mix of theoretical information about public speaking that she provided and the opportunities we had to practise the skills we learnt throughout the day. For anyone wanting to improve their communications skills, I would definitely recommend Jude and Speaking Works.”

Elaine Derbyshire, HR Learning & Development Officer, HelpAge International


Our Approach


We provide a bespoke workshop tailored to the delegates attending, looking at their needs and adapting the session accordingly. Learning is not about humiliating someone so they don't make the same mistake twice. Delegates are asked to participate and will also be filmed allowing them to evaluate themselves after the session or talk through their technique in a one to one. We believe that success in speaking can be gained by practise and confidence. We believe that with the right help and encouragement (taking people through important skills surrounding communication whilst giving them the opportunity to conquer fears) they will finish feeling happier, more confident, less tongue tied and ready to face the masses (or colleagues and friends!).


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