Private and group workshops for adults…


We want to make you a better communicator.

Sessions are for those that talk too fast, that sound monotone, that don’t say what they mean or hate confrontation. It is for those that need to lead, sell or persuade others. We can help you get your point across, to sound more authoritative and avoid letting nerves get the better of you.

If you are just starting out, running a large company or think your communication is holding you back from climbing the ladder at work then we can help.

Do you struggle to find the right words in meetings or pitches? If you find it hard to communicate clearly then book a session to find out what your habits are and how you can change them.


Upcoming Workshops in Brighton & Hove…

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Monthly Speaking Workshops

Come and practise your speaking skills in a friendly environment and on a budget!

Sessions are just £15 and kept small with a maximum number of 12 participants. I will be there to provide feedback and lead sessions.

- Next meet up: Weds 7th August 7:30-9pm @44 Poets coffee shop, Hove, BN3 5FF.

- Following meet up: Thurs 5th September 7:30-9pm @44 Poets coffee shop, Hove, BN3 5FF.

Email to book a spot:


Communicate with Confidence

5 week course coming this Autumn…

Weekly workshops from 4-6pm taking place at Platf9rm in Hove.

Do you want to learn how to improve your pitching, presenting and public speaking skills to showcase your business with confidence? Send an email to enquire about a place:

You’ll learn how to:
*Gain presence and impact in your speaking
*Identify your current speaking habits
*Use your voice and body language positively to deliver a strong message about you and or your business
*manage your nerves for speaking in public

You’ll leave with:
*Tips and tools to improve your communication skills and engage with your audience



Communicate with Confidence

Weds 15th May 10:00 - 1:00pm
Platf9rm, Tangerine Room, Hove Town Hall, Church Road, Hove

*Understand your style of communication
*Find out techniques to create new habits
*Learn about how the mind, body and voice all play a major role in communication
*Manage your nerves to gain control of what you are saying

Workshops coming soon…


Presenting With Impact

Courageous Conversations

Managing Nerves

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