At Young Voices we deliver workshops and private classes to help children gain confidence and improve their communication skills.


Age Groups


2.5 - 4 yrs

5 - 7 yrs

8 - 10 yrs

11 - 13 yrs

14 - 18 yrs

We run private coaching, weekly term time classes and holiday workshops tailored to these developmental groups.



  • High St Methodist Church, Harpenden

  • Inn on the Park, St Albans

  • Alban City School, St Albans

  • The Hive, Stoneham Park, Hove

  • St George’s Church, Kemptown, Brighton


Our Workshops

  • Provide life-long speaking skills for social situations, interviews and future employment.

  • Encourage creativity, imagination, storytelling and improvisation.

  • Aim to make speaking in front of others a natural thing to do with ease and clarity.

  • Are limited in size to allow for individual attention - we are not a stage school.

  • Offer LAMDA exam preparation and enrolment in Speaking in Public, Verse and Prose and Acting.

  • Give students the chance to earn UCAS points at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.

  • Provide training in vocal and physical expression.

  • Foster an appreciation for poetry, prose and language.


Class Structure

  • Conversation, warm-up games, a physical or vocal exercise/game

  • Games or Improvisation around different speaking or performance techniques

  • Practising vocal or physical public speaking/Acting techniques

  • Rehearsal with feedback and changes or performance 


From reciting a poem about a tarantula to performing Shakespeare pieces and practising public speaking skills, Speaking Works is as much for the budding actor as for those just wanting to gain confidence in speaking. Children learn best when they are having fun so we do just that whilst helping them to speak up, express themselves and develop their listening skills through storytelling, performance and role-play. Each child also has the opportunity to improve their vocal/physical communication technique for exams.

Through preparing for LAMDA examinations pupils gain a better grasp and appreciation of language, poetry and performance. Pupils can even gain UCAS points through successful completion of exams at the higher grades (6-8).

Please contact us to join a class, waiting list or attend a TRIAL.

What makes us unique? We have smaller classes to allow for individual attention and we are a speech and drama class, allowing children to build their confidence in speaking in front of others regardless of whether they like acting or not - we all need to learn to communicate better in the world today!