and breathe...

Breath work is at the core of everything when it comes to the voice.

Don’t just think that a workshop on improving your communication skills should involve someone helping you to go slower, speak louder or have a snazzy opening sentence.

If you don’t breathe deeply you can’t manage your nerves, have energy in the voice, project what you are saying and I could go on..and on...and on.

* exhales *

So, exhale. Don’t just suck air in that goes nowhere. Breathe out and breathe out for longer than normal. The air should just come back in on its own, like an elastic recoil. It can be a magical thing, the ease of breathing deeply and slowly. It is a shame that we have stresses in our life that cause the body to tighten, hold itself and ultimately cause us to hold our breath too.


If we can become conscious of our breath, something that is normally an unconscious habit, then we can learn to let go a little more and breathe deeply. This can calm our fight or flight response and enable us to put more effort and energy into our speech, ultimately becoming a more engaging speaker.


  • Pause and Exhale

  • Release tension in the body

  • lengthen the out breath

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