Unlock your knees!


The secret to better speaking can sometimes be as simple as just that.

On my MA course we were constantly reminded of our knees…who knew that there is a direct link to our diaphragm from our knees through fascia?! It really does work, if you can wiggle your knees they are unlocked and you can actually take a deep breath, try it!

Having locked knees is a part of being tense, locking up the body. We all do it but it is hard to gain awareness of all the tension and tightness in the body and let go of it. We use Alexander technique and mindfulness with clients to help them train their body to let go of tensions meaning they can breathe better. If you breathe better you can gain control of your speaking and nerves…amazing!

Squeeze and release
A great way to let go of muscle tension is to squeeze different parts of your body and let them go. I learnt about this when looking into mindfulness. Giving yourself an action is always easier than telling yourself what not to do…for example ‘relax your body’!

Easy Steps…
1) Release tension and align your body
2) Breathe deeply
3) Start to speak

Knees in the sunshine…Nicely relaxed here!

Knees in the sunshine…Nicely relaxed here!

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