Communications Training | Speech and Drama Workshops

Last few spaces in Spring 2019 classes!

We love having small classes as it allows for individual attention. This helps pupils gain confidence in speaking and performance. It does, however mean that we cap our classes at 10 so do get in touch for one of the remaining few before we start back next week! Jude

School Works Summer workshops

Using improvisation, drama games and storytelling to develop speech, language and communication skills. 
Where children develop confidence to aid their transition to school

4 consecutive days in August for 3 hours per day 9:00am - 12:00

Workshops will be running in:
St Albans/Harpenden 6th - 9th August
Hove 21st - 24th August
Aylesbury/Quainton TBC

Get in touch to book your place now,
introductory lower price this year!
Special offers available... 

Good luck all those taking LAMDA exams this weekend!

They have been working really hard with Lauren and we hope they enjoy themselves and feel proud of all the effort they have put in! It is also really great that we can run a private centre meaning they don't have to travel far...!

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