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Why Speaking Works?

We provide enjoyable, small, classes and workshops to improve vital communication skills. You wouldn't pick up an instrument or play a sport without practicing first so why is there an assumption that we should all be natural public speakers?!

Jennifer Ma – Mother of Student

Jude really has a special gift with children. My daughter, Emma, had been shy and practically scared of everyone before Jude came along. I was amazed when she and Jude first met she was willing to hold her hands and listen to her. Since then, she would sit beside the window every Monday afternoon and wait for “Miss Judy” to arrive. Half a year later, Emma had turned from a shy kid to a cheerful and at times overly talkative kid. I would recommend Jude to any family with young children

Peter Lau, Owner of Starlit Learning Centre

Judith is a kind and caring person who strives to keep her lessons exciting with a passion and dedication to providing a fun and friendly learning environment to students of all ages


Miss Jude is very sincere and caring towards her students, parents and colleagues. Her dedication in promoting public speaking training and instilling confidence in her students is greatly appreciated by all of us here in Hong Kong.

Drew Wilson, Senior Teacher - Head of English & Drama, Kiangsu-Chekiang College International Section, Hong Kong.

Jude was a pleasure to work with and to see work. Her natural ability to motivate and induce confidence shines through and the results she secures are testament to the thought provoking, engaging and thoroughly effective activities she produces.

Camilla, 17

Working with Jude from Speaking Works has been pleasure. She concentrates on areas where the student needs work and teaches you different techniques and exercises to help you improve. I've worked with Jude to improve my diction, pronunciation and improving my acting skills and have seen great improvements and results. I recommend Jude to everyone as she is truly a wonderful teacher.

Mum, Ishita after Rowan's 4th birthday Party

Thanks for a lovely party. You kept the superheroes and princesses entertained and Rowan loved his party. All the parents were also amazed at how well you engaged them in the storytelling. Many thanks for a fantastic day.

Caroline, mother of Georgina aged 4, St Albans

Speaking Works has been a wonderful experience for Georgina. It provided a very calm and engaging environment which helped massively in building her confidence and encouraging her 'big voice' speech.

Sarah, mother of Amber (yr 5) and Saskia (yr 6)

Both my daughters were intrigued about Speaking works and wanted to give it a go. They have both loved it, not only from a confidence perspective but also just by simply having fun. Jude makes the lessons enjoyable and creatively informative. My youngest daughter has even taken her Grade 2 LAMDA exam, which she never thought she would before. Speaking works has given them the confidence and ability to stand up in front of others without fear, something that they can take on to the next stage of education…and life.

Claire L, St Albans

My daughter really enjoys the Speaking Works classes. Her confidence in speaking in front of an audience has already improved and I'm pleased that she's keen to do the LAMDA exams. Thanks for all you've done with the children this year.

Elaine Derbyshire, HR Learning & Development Officer, HelpAge International

I thoroughly enjoyed the communications skills workshop with Jude. She was very professional, organised and is clearly committed to her work. I really liked the mix of theoretical information about public speaking that she provided and the opportunities we had to practise the skills we learnt throughout the day. For anyone wanting to improve their communications skills, I would definitely recommend Jude and Speaking Works.

Mother to Alyssa, 7yrs - St Albans

Our daughter Alyssa has been attending Speaking Works for only a few months and we have seen a great improvement in her expressive reading ability. Her enjoyment and capacity to read has also increased which has been reflected in her school reading ability. It's also more enjoyable for us to listen to!

Vladimir Jirasek, Hertfordshire

Having lived in England for 11 years my English is good, yet I had had the feeling people struggle to understand me sometimes. Put simply, I had not been articulating clearly. I had contacted Jude and we set on a journey to get my English into shape. Now I feel way more confident, and crucially, people understand me much better.

Gavin Haines, London Journalist

Though I have never been particularly afraid of public speaking, my thoughts – and consequently my delivery – often became chaotic when I was speaking in front of lots of people. However, Jude has brought ballast to the madness, helping me with everything from nerve management to posture. Speaking Works works.

Ingrid Caceres, Manager, ILS Department at The Walt Disney Company

Thank you for a great workshop!It was fun, interesting, engaging, a great atmosphere and it reassured all of us and gave individual skills and points to work on!

Caroline, Harpenden

Jude gave me the skills and confidence to host some school assemblies. Our sessions were tailored to enable me to work on the areas that I needed to develop. Jude is very knowledgeable, friendly and patient and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to become a confident public speaker.

Steph Gunary, Director of Performing Arts at Berkhamsted School

Jude was originally employed as a maternity cover for Speech and Drama at Berkhamsted School, but was 'snapped up' as a permanent member of the Drama team at the first opportunity. This is because Jude proved from the start to be a most enthusiastic, committed and talented teacher with that rare gift of connecting with all her pupils regardless of whether they are aged 3½ or 18+ years! She consistently delivered a very wide range of meticulously planned lessons with energy and flair that not only helped to develop communication skills and encourage creative processes, but were stimulating and highly enjoyable. She prepared her pupils to take examinations validated both by the London Academy of Music and Drama (LAMDA) and the English Speaking Board with great success, whether they be the introductory range of exams for the Early Years or one of the advanced examinations such as Grade8/Gold Medals in Public Speaking, Devising Drama or Acting. She is a first class teacher whom I have no hesitation in recommending to others.

Nicholas Atkinson, Oxford

My sessions with Jude were excellent from start to finish. Jude was very good at explaining each part of the process with great clarity. I felt that I was able to fully understand what we wanted to achieve by the end of each session, which helped me put into practice the 'lessons learned' when at work. I feel far more confident in my communication skills now! Thanks Jude!

Colette, Mum to Sophie 3yrs St Albans

Sophie absolutely LOVES Lauren and the drama class (as she calls it!). She is full of energy when she leaves and doesn’t stop talking about it. Out of all the extra clubs/classes I take her too this is her favourite.


It’s been a wonderful journey to work with Jude and tackle some of my inner thoughts and outward sounds! This work can be (and I found it) deeply personal and rooted in our self-beliefs. Taking on the tasks and practising together, has really helped me to chip away at the barriers holding me back. I have loved my time with Jude, especially her sincerity and openness. I was really touched how she shared things and it was so useful to discuss deeper challenges and thought patterns. At each session she gave such useful pointers, tips and advice. And of course always expertly modelled the way! I am so grateful for this opportunity and support. I feel that I’ve been given a wonderful gift and secret insight into how to speak up to achieve more. I will keep up my practice and awareness, and look forward to utilising this new advantage that I’ve gained. Thank you so much

Attendee from Presence & Impact Course

Great course, Jude is an incredible teacher and I hope to practice lots of things she taught me

Attendee from Presence & Impact Course

Jude was a very warm and informative coach. I feel more confident and armed with the tools I need to improve - thank you

Sahida (mother of Ayesha, 10 years old and Imaan-Sana, 9 years old) St.Albans.

Both my daughters have loved Speaking works, not only from a confidence perspective but also just by simply having fun. Lauren has made the lessons educational, creative and very gratifying. Speaking works has given them the confidence and ability to stand up in front of others without fear, something that they can take on to the next stage of their education…and life. Thank you so much!

Client from the Financial Times

Jude is perfect for these sessions - she puts people at ease

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